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From:Bill Lovett Date:December 20 2002 8:46pm
Subject:Re: time of query
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I don't think MySQL can give you back the execution time via DBI, but 
you might be able to calculate something similar from the Perl side by 
calculating how long the script runs overall. Here's a good thread from 
perlmonks about how to do it:


Vitali Malicky wrote:
> Glad to greet you all, ladies and gentelmen!
> I have written a dynamic web page in Perl to display some kind
> of statistical information usefull for my company.
> My question: how can I get the time which MySQL returns after the query?
> For example: MySQL returns a line like this "870 rows in set (0.91 sec)"
> after successful query
> How can I get the value 0.91 and save it in my Perl script, is at all
> itpossible?
> Hope I made myself clear.

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