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From:Mir S Islam Date:March 13 1999 3:22am
Subject:connecting with myodbc
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Hi, I am trying to use the ODBC functions of mysql on UNIX (Linux).
Everything is installed fine. I have compiled the support in PHP3 and
using that to query the database. It queries fine but only to localhost.
It looks like that the driver is ignoring the "SERVER" entry in the
iodbc.ini file. All the time the php script is connecting to "localhost"
only, regardless of the entry in the DSN. ANy idea why and how it can be
fixed ?
Thanks much

part of my iodbc.ini (yes it is the right file and being looked up
during the script run)

Trace    = Off
TraceFile= stderr
Driver   = /usr/local/lib/mysql/
DSN      = psp
#UID      = maruzz
#PWD      = maru_pwd


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