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From:Dan Nelson Date:December 19 2002 6:04pm
Subject:Re: MySQL Netware vs Linux
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In the last episode (Dec 19), Neal Dawson said:
> We are currently running MySQL on RedHat Linux with great success. 
> However, we are upgrading our Netware servers to Netware 6.  I know
> MySQL ports to Netware 6, but I am wondering how MySQL actually runs
> on Netware 6.  Is there anyone out there running MySQL on Netware 6?
> If so, how's going?  Is it stable?  How does stack up against Linux? 
> Would you recommend switching from Linux to Netware?  Any Responses
> would be great.

MySQL on Netware is still only available as a Leading Edge (alpha)
download, so there are probably very few people running it yet.  So far
I haven't heard too many problems, but you can check the
novell.devsup.mysql newsgroup on  If they
end up bundling MySQL with Netware 6.1, you can bet it's going to be
stable :)

LE#182 at is a combo pack
of MySQL, Apache, and PHP, but I'm sure you can just install the MySQL

	Dan Nelson
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