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From:Paul DuBois Date:December 18 2002 10:21pm
Subject:Re: Converting many tables into MyISAM
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At 18:58 +0000 12/18/02, John P wrote:
>I have about 300 database tables that are mostly ISAM and some MyISAM
>format. I would like to move them all into MyISAM - what's the
>easiest/quickest way? I am running 3.23.54.
>I was thinking of doing mysqldump, then using a search/replace in the file
>CREATE TABLE .. TYPE=, then recreating the database files using mysql, but
>it seems a bit heavyhanded to me ;)

Any single table can be converted using ALTER TABLE:


For all tables in a given database, you can convert them like this, at
least under Unix:

% mysql -N -e 'SHOW TABLES' db_name \
     | sed -e 's/.*/ALTER TABLE & TYPE = MyISAM;/' \
     | mysql db_name
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