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From:Deepak Gupta Date:April 1 1999 6:20pm
Subject:Load Control --> Problems...
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I am getting some serious load control problems right now.  Any help
will be greatly appreciated!

Our db activity is mostly inserts with the occassional select and *a ton
of selects* at night on cron.  Increased dramatically y'day, since we
got "coolsiteoftheday."  We are processing about an insert a second,
nothing too intense, into a 9M table.

However, if someone logs a select * type query against the server, bad
things are happening.  The inserts get "Locked" according to the process
list and they pile up on top of each other.  Even if I manually kill the
select thread it doesn't "flush" from the processlist.  BTW, I increased
the record_buffer to 1M.

Can I switch my selects to not lock INSERTS?  Is that what "INSERT
DELAYED" does?  A slight delay in select accuracy will not hurt us so
maybe I should use a separate "log file" to store the inserts and run a
cron on them, inserting them all at once??  We don't use indices on the
table --> perhaps that is what is slowing down our Selects?  But we
don't want to slow down selects at the cost of INSERTS.

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Load Control --> Problems...Deepak Gupta1 Apr
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