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From:Martin Finnegan Date:December 17 2002 11:56am
Subject:Help struggling newbie, please!!
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I am trying to get a handle on MySQL anticipating a PHP application I want
to implement on a website next year. I am using WinXP and the website is on
a Linux server.

I have created a new database, but am having problems creating tables. Its
not too obvious how to go about it. I have consulted the manual but of
course its all Linux based.

I want to get an application called phpMember ver 0.1.0 ( )
working. Point 2 of the installation says: Create the required tables within
your website databse as provided in phpMember.sql
You can use the mysql-client for this: mysql (db-name) <phpMember.sql

Any tips about how I can do this in Windows? I can't figure out how the hell
I'm supposed to do this. I'm used to using ASP and just creating an Access
DB. I did a bit of PHP a couple of years ago with postgres but its all a bit
hazy now. Maybe I'm way off track here - I sure could use a few pointers.

Albury Australia

Help struggling newbie, please!!Martin Finnegan17 Dec
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