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From:moka Date:December 17 2002 9:08am
Subject:sql query LOAD DATA INFILE question
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    I am looking at the following situation:
    I am reading  some files arriving every minute and parsing them and
     creating a set of files ready to be inserted into tables.
     on the fly. While I am waiting for the next burst of files, I want to
     insert these into the tables, then erase the files.
     Normally LOAD DATA INFILE LOCAL  works fine here. The problem is that
     the machine holding these tables is a different one.
     The question is, is it possible to run LOAD DATA INFILE
     to do the inserts on the remote machine, or is it better to first ftp
    files over, then run LOAD DATA INFILE there?
     I assume LOAD INFILE is faster than via mysql -u user -ppasswd DB<file.sql

 where file.sql contains  sql INSERT query 
    From the LOAD DATA INFILE documentation it is not clear to me how this
     can be done, if it can be done.

sql query LOAD DATA INFILE questionmoka17 Dec
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