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From:Paul DuBois Date:December 17 2002 1:31am
Subject:Re: What is wrong with this Alter statement?
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At 2:43 -0500 12/17/02, C. Reeve wrote:
>  >From the MySQL Manual:
>ALTER TABLE tbl_name MODIFY [COLUMN] create_definition [FIRST | AFTER
>I have also tried CHANGE instead of MODIFY.
>My Statement:
>alter table manager change column w1 decimal(8,2) not null after moves;
>The problem is the AFTER statement, if I omit it I have no problem. Now I'm
>probably reading this wrong but in any event I need my columns to be in a
>certain order and their not. Without deleting them and re-adding them (and
>the data) - how do I get them in the order I need?

Why do you need them in a certain order?  So that SELECT * will return
them in a given order?

It's better not to rely on that behavior.

>i.e w1, w2, w3, w4 ...... w25  not  w13, w21, w2, w9 .... w4, w1. (I have no
>idea how they even got messed up as I created them in order. Up arrow,
>change number, up arrow, change number....etc, etc.
>I'm ranting, but this is really ticking me.

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