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From:Eric Berg Date:April 1 1999 3:25pm
Subject:Re: Dump format question
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You can use a standard SELECT implementing the INTO OUTFILE... clause.  Just
remember to use fully qualified paths with that file since it default to the
mysql DB directory.

    [INTO OUTFILE 'file_name' export_options]
    [FROM table_references
        [WHERE where_definition]
        [GROUP BY col_name,...]
        [HAVING where_definition]
        [ORDER BY {unsigned_integer | col_name} [ASC | DESC] ,...]
        [LIMIT [offset,] rows]
        [PROCEDURE procedure_name] ]


Andy Harrison: [Thursday 1-April]:

> For someone who knows how, this is probably a quick question.
> I have a table with 12 different fields with one of them a primary.  I'd
> like to be able to dump all rows but only 3 of those fields to a tab
> delim text file, with no field delim.
> Can anyone help me out?
> TIA!

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