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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 9 1999 7:11pm
Subject:MySQL Date Arithmetic
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>>>>> "Joshua" == Joshua Chamas <joshua@stripped> writes:

Joshua> Hey,
Joshua> I am very interested in seeing some easier date
Joshua> arithmetic, and I know some is in the works, but I would
Joshua> like to know how, and what I might be able to plan for now
Joshua> as I port my Oracle application.

Joshua> I understand that there are the date functions which work
Joshua> fine, but I'm looking for something easier to use like
Joshua> normal operators + and -

Joshua> MySQL supports:	select date_add(sysdate() , interval 1 day)
Joshua> ANSI SQL:	select current_timestamp + interval 1 day
Joshua> Oracle SQL:	select sysdate + 1 from dual

Joshua> What I would like to see at least in MySQL is support
Joshua> for the interval keyword at least arithmetically...

Joshua>   select sysdate() + interval 1 day



Yes, of the above versions the ANSI SQL one is the easiest to
implement.  It's just a question of modifying sql_yacc.yy to call
date_add in this case.  I will take a look at this in the near future.


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