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From:Paul DuBois Date:December 15 2002 11:38pm
Subject:Re: Fwd: Re: Bug in auto_increment
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At 22:42 +0100 12/15/02, Dennis Schwerdel wrote:
>I think you did not properly process this request.

The phenomenon you describe below is not a bug in MySQL.  The problem
is that you are trying to use an AUTO_INCREMENT column in an unsupported
manner.  AUTO_INCREMENT columns are for use only with *positive* integers,
and any attempt to use them otherwise will eventually cause you grief.
(As you've already discovered.)  Putting 0 in an AUTO_INCREMENT column
is a bad idea.  Don't do it.

>Dennis Schwerdel
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>>You have written the following:
>>---start of your  message----
>>I think I've found a bug in the auto_increment feature.
>>I got the following table :
>>CREATE TABLE gebaeude_daten (
>>    id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
>>    name varchar(64) NOT NULL default '',
>>    kosten int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
>>    produktion mediumint(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
>>    max_anzahl smallint(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
>>    ticks tinyint(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
>>    PRIMARY KEY  (id),
>>    KEY kosten (kosten),
>>    KEY produktion (produktion),
>>    KEY max_anzahl (max_anzahl),
>>    KEY ticks (ticks)
>>INSERT INTO gebaeude_daten VALUES (0, 'Bank Stufe 1', 1000, 30, 900, 1);
>>The 0 in the id field is bugy.
>>Every time I change the table definition with ALTER, the 0 becomes the next
>>For example the last id was 70.
>>Then I added keys with ALTER and 'Bank Stufe 1' was id 71.
>>I am now doing the command "UPDATE gebaeude_daten SET id = 0 WHERE name =
>>'Bank Stufe 1' ;" every 30 min. automatically but that couldn't be the
>>I hope you will fix it or just help me to fix my table.
>>MfG Dennis Schwerdel
>>---end of your message-------
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