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From:mike thomson Date:December 11 2002 6:27am
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Iam compiling from 'examples' :

"g++ -I /usr/include/sqlplus custom2.cpp -I /usr/include/mysql -lsqlplus 
-lmysqlclient -Wno-deprecated "

Receive compile errors with stock datatype. Iam unable to find stock in any 
of the including
libraries. Can someone put some light on this?

I've noticed few people had issues with compilers and redhat 8. Iam 
currently running on Rh8
with 3.2-7. Everything was installed via RPM as I had issues with sources. I 
have been able to query the DB with code from as far.. but having 
issues writing and updating the

Most of google searches lead back to mysql++ tutorial.. any other helpful 
links out there ?

Thank u,

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custom2.ccmike thomson11 Dec