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From:Christian Mack Date:September 9 1999 3:59pm
Subject:Re: Response Question (JDBC ??) Tuning?
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Hunter Hillegas wrote:
> I have a Web site that uses mySQL and Java servlets... When I get a lot of
> requests, my servlets still respond with HTML pages, but they don't include
> any database content (it's just blank)... Any ideas if this is a mySQL issue
> (I don't have it tuned correctly maybe? How can I check if I am running out
> of bounds?) or an issue with the JDBC drivers?
> I am using the MM drivers on Red Hat 6...
> Any info is appreciated....
> Hunter

Hi Hunter

Sorry, but your description doesn't provide enough informations.

It seems, that you catch some Exceptions, and don't log any error messages for them.

What Servlet engine do you use?
What does the error logs (mysql and Servlet engine) show you?
Which version of mm JDBC driver do you use?

We at COMPAL use Servlets with mm without these problems.


PS: Sorry for the late answer, I was really busy.

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