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From:Christian Mack Date:September 9 1999 3:52pm
Subject:Re: I think I broke it.
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Blain Nelson wrote:
> I'm using the precompiled binary for linux on a intel 686.  It's been
> working just fine for me for several weeks, but, today, I decided to get
> cute and set it up to load mysql on boot.  So I went to /etc/rc.d (which
> existed, where the init.d that the book talked about did not), and moved
> into it the file mysql.server from usr/local/mysql/support-files.
> On boot, mysql wasn't loaded, so I tried to get it to load the
> old-fashioned way I had been doing it, and it began giving me a new kind
> of error thing than I'd seen before.
> It would say something to the effect of
> "Number of processes running: 2
> start mysqld process [117] hanging -- killed
> killing 117 -- no such process"
> and then maybe a line or two more, and then repeat this with the process
> number going up by 31 or 32 each time.  It would include a time stamp on
> each start line, with it being 2 seconds after the one previous.
> If I just left it looping, the numbers go on into the thousands, and it
> doesn't seem to stop.  ^C will put a few command prompts across the
> screen, but doesn't stop the process.  ^Z does nothing either.  The only
> solution I found was to open another virtual terminal and reboot.
> It now does this anytime I try to load mysql (using
> /usr/local/mysql/bin/safe_mysqld &, as I was told in the book).
> So, did I break this?  Is there a quick fix?  How many lashes must I get
> with the wet noodle for this?
> Your help will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Blain

Hi Blain

You should cd to "/usr/local/mysql" and then start "bin/safe_mysqld &".
If you start it from root, then mysqld can't find the databases and aborts.
As you start it with safe_mysqld this process will try to start mysqld again and again and

If you want to stop this, you have to kill the safe_mysqld process (no need to reboot).


PS: Sorry for the late answer, I was really busy.

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