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From:Christian Mack Date:September 9 1999 3:36pm
Subject:Re: MYSQL with APPLETS
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Nolberto Rojas Gil wrote:
> Hi:
>   I need to show some information that is stored in a mysql table, i
> have two java drivers for mysql installed in the same path than the HTML
> file and the CLASS file, but this not work except when i use the
> appletviewer of the jdk installed on  the server...for example....
> all this is on the server and when i use the appletviewer from a pc or
> netscape ...i have conexion error to the database, maybe this problem
> have solution using digital signature with the javakey of the jdk1.1,
> but i don´t  know how to use it, if someone can help me, i will
> appreciate it..
> Thanks...whe i used informix on line i did not have this problem....
> Thanks a lot again
> --
> Ing. Nolberto Rojas Gil 

Hi Nolberto

You are not specific enough!
How did you install the JDBC drivers?
Did you extract the jar/zip files?
Did you leave the paths to the class files?
Did you set the CODEBASE and/or ARCHIVE options in the APPLET-tag?
Is your mysql DBMS running on the same machine as the webserver?
What browser and which version do you use?
What does your Java console say?


PS: Sorry for the late answer, but I was really busy.

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