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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 1 1999 2:47pm
Subject:Support for additional indexing schemes
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>>>>> "Anton" == Anton Krasovsky <anton@stripped> writes:

Anton> Hello, Is there a planes for adding additional indexing schemes
Anton> other than btree to MySQL like R-Trees, RD-Trees?

Anton> Anton Krasovsky


Generally we plan to include everything that will give you more speed
or increased flexibility into MySQL, but for the moment we don't have
plans to include R-Trees or RD-Trees in the real near future.
(We must simply get our TODO a bit smaller first)

MySQL has on the other hand a quite flexible interface to the storage
system, so it isn't that hard to implement additional storage handlers.

Support for additional indexing schemesAnton Krasovsky1 Apr
  • Support for additional indexing schemesMichael Widenius1 Apr