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From:Steffan A. Cline Date:December 8 2002 11:43pm
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Hello Everyone!

    I am a member of the Lasso list and heard this would be a good place to
ask about a few things about MySQL.

1. In a few places I read about FULLTEXT searches. In one place I saw it
said 16 columns and in another 15. But, I am finding that when using 15 I
get an error but then go down to 14 and all is well. One of these I am
searching is a TEXT field. Does this eat up 2 VARCHAR columns in the

2. Is there a way in maybe a rebuild of the code to change from 4 or more
letters in the FULLTEXT search to 3 or more? I noticed on the FULLTEXT page
someone commented on this.

3. Almost the same as above but is there a way to increase the number of
columns for a FULLTEXT search?



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