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From:Paul DuBois Date:December 6 2002 12:13am
Subject:Re: mysql NULl value in perl problem
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At 14:59 -0800 12/5/02, David Wu wrote:
>Hi guys,
>Running into a frustrating problem. When I have a empty table in 
>mysql database, i tried run a select statement in my perl script and 
>supposing get a NULl return value. Is the NULL returned from mysql 
>is described as string in perl or as undef in perl?.. As there is no 
>the word NULL in perl
>Thank you very much guys

NULL values are represented as under if you're using the Perl DBI interface.

However, an empty table will return an empty result set, which is different
than undef.  If you're really getting undef back, there may be an error in
your query.

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