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From:Linda Carter Date:December 5 2002 1:19am
Subject:Can't Figure out Username and Password
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Hello list.  I'm new here.  I programmed dBase several lifetimes ago and now
fumble with Access when I have to. I've just purchased a license to a
vBulletin message board, which employs PHP and MySQL, so it's time I FINALLY
get around to learning these two.

I am at my first hurdle.  I uploaded all the files for vBulletin and it
appears to be working correctly, but I can't get past the first setup screen
because I am not supplying it with the correct username and password.  My
web host, who does NOT know PHP or MySQL, believes that the
username/password I use for my domain should work.  It doesn't.

I have PHPMyadmin installed on the server.  I went into it, went to the
"User" table and entered name and pw into the "default" column.  Still no

Now I'm thinking that the installed MySQL either has no name/pw set up or
some others I don't know about.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Anybody know of good documentation for
PHPMyAdmin that does not assume a lot of prior knowledge of MySQL?  I've
searched online and everything I found assumes a lot of terminology I don't
know yet.  I'm hoping I don't have to read the whole manual before I can get
past that first screen.

Linda Carter

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