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From:Michael T. Babcock Date:December 4 2002 7:33pm
Subject:Re: RES: RES: SQL Select Idea
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On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 08:55:51AM -0200, Felipe Moreno - MAILING LISTS wrote:
>    Well, the SQL Query you requested is exatcly the one I'm asking! :-)

No; I want to know what you intended for those 10 dates to do.  The LIMIT query
worked, as posted by someone else, which you quoted.  What do you then intend
to do with that data?

> > Since I have a link in the header of the tabel that make the ORDER BY work,
> > when I select de COD after the result above, I should get:
> [ you didn't give the EXACT SQL QUERY that you're typing in; please give
> it ]

Again, you didn't quote the "when I select the COD after ..." <-- what is that
query?  And how do you expect it to behave.  

> I'm assuming that you're forgetting a step, or misunderstanding a step
> involved.  Are you doing anything with that data you're selecting, or just
> selecting it and leaving it?  You might be wanting to select it into a new
> table or something; look up "INSERT INTO ... SELECT FROM ...".

This still applies.
Michael T. Babcock
CTO, FibreSpeed Ltd.     (Hosting, Security, Consultation, Database, etc)
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