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From:Paul DuBois Date:December 4 2002 6:04pm
Subject:Re: question about mysql_real_escape_string()
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At 17:29 +0200 12/4/02, Tom Roos wrote:
>does this function handle a binary string of any length or is there 
>some sort of max limit.
>when i load a binary file (filesize 49Kb) into a blob field, the 
>function is ok but when the filesize is 1.8Mb, the function fails 
>and my programs aborts. using the debugger, the program aborts when 
>in this function.
>if mysql_real_escape_string() has a max limit, how does one get 
>around this? could it be set in my.cnf, or somewhere else? or is 
>this a case of bad practise to load big (> 1Mb) into mysql?

Are you using the C API directly?  Make sure your output buffer is large
enough, you can easily have crashes if it's not.
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