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From:Jan Steinman Date:December 3 2002 8:47pm
Subject:Re: Advice please
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>From: "George Pitcher" <george.pitcher@stripped>
>I am about to start the planning process in moving my FileMaker/Lasso/PHP
>site over to MySQL/PHP.
>Before I get too far down the road, should I be using InnoDB or MyISAM

InnoDB does not support FULLTEXT indeces. Since FileMaker searches are always full text,
this may make a big difference in your particular case. If the user can do ad-hoc searches
and the functionality must remain the same, you probably need to go with MyISAM. For
example, searching for a last name of "Henry" will match "von Henry" and "O'Henry" in
FileMaker and MyISAM (if last name is FULLTEXT), but will not in InnoDB.

OTOH, MyISAM does not provide formal support for relations, like both FileMaker and InnoDB

Your best bet may be to have a hybrid approach, where all your fields that require full
text searching are segregated into MyISAM tables, and use InnoDB for everything else.

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