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From:Jim Esten Date:December 3 2002 7:39pm
Subject:RE: SQL Select Idea
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Something on the order of...

SELECT * FROM processo_arquivos ORDER BY DATE DESC LIMIT 0,10

Seems like that ought to do it..


Jim Esten
Chief Techbot

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Subject: SQL Select Idea
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Hi List Users,

   I want to know if anyone has any idea on how can I do the SQL command
below to archive a result.
   I have one table called processo_arquivos that have a filed called
DATE and another FIELD called COD (primary key). I want to select the
last TEN
(10) dates from the Database, but only the last TEN. How Can I do this?
Any ideia? I tried the sql bellow o archive this, but I was unable to do
it. I just want to do this with ONLY one select, not with two.

Thanks for any idea.



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