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From:gerald_clark Date:December 3 2002 5:33pm
Subject:Re: REPLACE fails to find newlines
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Since '\n' is ignored in HTML, that is not your problem.
The answer is probably in your PHP setup or code.

Kenneth Porter wrote:

>Using Red Hat 8.0, mysql-3.23.52-3, and phpMyAdmin-2.3.3.
>I'm importing a bunch of old posts from one bboard system (Ezboards) into a
>new one (Burning Board), and the process left a bunch of HTML "<br>" on the
>end of each line that is now unwanted. (I'm getting double-spacing.)
>I figured this SQL should remove the extraneous breaks:
>UPDATE `bb1_posts` SET message = REPLACE(message,'<br>\n','\n') WHERE 1;
>message is a text field usually with multiple lines in a record.
>Alas, this doesn't seem to find the records that appear in the phpMyAdmin
>browser with this characteristic, and I get zero records updated. What
>could I be doing wrong?
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