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From:George Pitcher Date:December 3 2002 7:13am
Subject:Advice please
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I am about to start the planning process in moving my FileMaker/Lasso/PHP
site over to MySQL/PHP.

Before I get too far down the road, should I be using InnoDB or MyISAM
tables? The service is initially going to be hosted on WinNT but may move
over to Linux later.

My main database has about 21000 records (but 400+ fields). The number of
fields will decrease to less than 100 in the normalisation process with
FileMaker's internal calculations/scrips being handled by eithe MySQL
functions or PHP routines.

I built  prototype about 9 months ago using MyISAM and although it was OK I
am wondering if there are any benefits/drawbacks of using InnoDB instead.
The prototype is pretty much out of date now as the FileMker dn has moved on
in leaps and bounds since then. On top of that the requirement is now to
interact more with the company's other databases (MySQL and Oracle).

Any comments would be welcome.



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