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From:Joseph R. Junkin Date:September 8 1999 9:00pm
Subject:Strange mysqld crashing 3.23.2
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I have been running a mysql server (let's call it for
some time now without any problems. It is running on 3.23.2. I can
access it from 2 other remote linux boxes using 

mysql -h -u some_user -p

and DBI.

But now, I just added another machine, and when I access the remote
server from the new machine following occurs:

2 of the three mysqld's running under user 'mysql' vanish
The safe_mysql running as root also disappears

This happens the instant after I type the password and then the enter
key access after:
mysql -h -u some_user -p

The crash also occurs on a DBI access.

The server is dead, and I then have to 'killall mysqld' to kill the one
remaining mysqld before a restart.

There is nothing in the mysql logs of either the remote or local

I am using the linux binary installs on all RedHat (5.2 and 6.0)

I will try a reinstall. Any help or suggestions would be great.


Strange mysqld crashing 3.23.2Joseph R. Junkin9 Sep
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