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From:Ricardo T. Saito Date:September 8 1999 10:07pm
Subject:Re: select question
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select * from transactions where code like "0000xx%"; ??

It will return everything that starts with 0000xx. Just change the xx with 58, 59,
whatever. :=)
I hope it works. 

Ricardo T. Saito (rtsaito@stripped)
UNICAMP - Engenharia de Computacao 94
DGLNet - Departamento de Tecnologia da Informacao
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  From: Manuel Coral A. 
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  Sent: Wednesday, September 08, 1999 4:56 PM
  Subject: RE: select question

   Hello again, 
   well some hours ago, I asked for  the problem described
   below, I guess this is obvious for the expert sql
   programers, but for me and for the new users  the fix
   was to put the statements as:
   select * from transactions where code="000058";
   since I defined the code field as varchar.
   Ok, at this moment I have another problem, my code
   values  ( from  the before table ) as values like 0000xx
   and 0000xx-y ( 000058 and 000058-1, 000058-2, and so on
   ), The thing I need to get is all the rows with the same
   0000xx regardless caracters after it, or more simple, I
   need to list with one select sentence 000058, 000058-1,
   000058-2, and so on...It is posible..?.. I was looking
   for the mailing list, and I belive that the fix will be
   using temporary tables... but.. I don't know how to use
   this at now, and post it for save some time, if someone
   can helpme .
   thanks in advance..
   Manuel Coral.

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