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From:Alan McDonald Date:December 1 2002 10:56pm
Subject:RE: Embarrassing: can't log in
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it only takes a few minutes to uninstall and install...

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> From: Amittai Aviram [mailto:amittai@stripped]
> Sent: Monday, 2 December 2002 9:37
> To: Mysql
> Subject: Embarrassing: can't log in
> I've got an embarrassing problem.  I installed MySQL on my WinXP machine
> months ago.  Since then, though, I've continued to use the MySQL
> on a remote
> (FreeBSD) host, so I haven't had occasion to use my local
> version.  Now as I
> went back to it, I found that I couldn't log in.  I can't  remember my
> username and password.  All the usernames and passwords that I could think
> of would fail.  What to do now?  Thanks!
> Amittai Aviram
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