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From:Jeff Brewer Date:December 1 2002 12:12am
Subject:Help Transferring Data from MS Access to mySQL
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I'm very new to mysql and haven't got much of a background in databases
generally, so thanks in advance to any who have the patience to deal with my

I'm trying to get data from ms access 97 to mysql by exporting to a text
file then using the "load data" command to import it.

The data in one of the fields contains all sorts of text, punctuation and
formatting characters, even some html tags and linefeed characters (there's
all kinds of crap in there).

On export, ms access will put quotes around my large text field. I was
hoping that mysql would accept everything inbetween the quotes as the field
value, but it doesn' starts a new record with each linefeed character
it encounters.

I believe I read that I can change the record delimiter mysql uses from a
linefeed to something else, but I don't seem to be able to do the same with
the export in ms access (it will let me change the field delimiter but not
the record delimiter).

I've pretty much resigned myself to writing some kind of script to manually
export these records using some kind of unique record delimiter, but I
thought I'd check and see if anyone has any other better ideas on how to get
my data transferred.


Help Transferring Data from MS Access to mySQLJeff Brewer1 Dec
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