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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 28 2002 4:33pm
Subject:Re: Reversing mysql_fix_privilege_tables ?
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At 10:50 -0500 11/28/02, Gary Huntress wrote:
>I have upgraded from 3.23 to 4.0 and I have read over
>grading-from-3.23.  I have not yet run mysql_fix_privilege_tables yet and I
>really want to since I intend to implement query quotas.
>     Since this is a production server I'm concerned about any side effects
>of this script.  Is this a very straightforward operation?   Are there any
>side effects or bugs I should be aware of?   Finally, is it possible to
>reverse the script and go back to the old 3.23 permissions in the event of a
>problem?   (note, I can't just save copies of the tables because new users
>are added often)

You should read through the script carefully to see what it does, and
assess whether it's actions are likely to cause you problems.  Several
changes were made in 4.0.2 and after that you should consider.  New
privileges were added in 4.0.2, but a couple of these weren't added
to the db table until 4.0.4, so you should *avoid* using 4.0.2 or 4.0.3.
Also, some operations now are handled by different privileges.  For
example, KILL now requires SUPER rather than PROCESS.  If you create new
users and give them SUPER, reverting may require shifting SUPER back

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Reversing mysql_fix_privilege_tables ?Gary Huntress28 Nov
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