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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 8 1999 4:50pm
Subject:Compiling mysql with gcc 2.95.1
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>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas van Gulick
> <list@stripped> writes:

Thomas> Am I right compiling (well, actually running of course) mysql 3.23.2 with
Thomas> gcc 2.95.1
Thomas> is asking for trouble?
Thomas> The one I compiled with gcc 2.95.1 myself segfaults on my program, while the
Thomas> precompiled egcs 1.0.3 rpm runs fine ...
Thomas> Is there any way to obtain the configuration settings of the precompiled
Thomas> version
Thomas> in the rpm so I can try those exact same settings?

Thomas> Thomas
Thomas> --

I am using gcc 2.95.1 without any problems.

Which system are you using?

Note that the MySQL manual holds the default options for all standard

Compiling mysql with gcc 2.95.1Thomas van Gulick8 Sep
  • Compiling mysql with gcc 2.95.1Michael Widenius8 Sep