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From:Egor Egorov Date:November 26 2002 3:45pm
Subject:re: MySQL 3.23.49 - strange replication error
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Monday, November 25, 2002, 6:47:35 PM, you wrote:

LC> I've got a master database with 2 slaves.  I've had them up and running for
LC> quite a while now with no problems, but today I noticed an error - there was
LC> a slave running on the master!

LC> I checked /etc/my.cnf - no mention of slaves (it hadn't been changed for a
LC> good while anyway).  I looked everywhere else mysql looks for my.cnf files
LC> but there were none.  I tried to stop the slave by running SLAVE STOP - it
LC> said 0 rows changed and SHOW SLAVE STATUS showed that the slave was still
LC> running!   I stopped mysql, moved the and restarted mysql - this
LC> fixed the problem (none of the proper slaves reported any errors at any
LC> point) but I'm still a little worried why this happened.

LC> The created on the master is shown below (I've put in the \n's
LC> so you can see where there were blank lines):

LC> \n
LC> 4\n
LC> \n
LC> test\n
LC> \n
LC> 3306\n
LC> 60\n

LC> Anyone have any ideas why this might have happened?  This error first
LC> started when one of my colleagues restarted mysql today, but we restart it
LC> fairly regularly, I checked the command he used - it was fine.  FYI - we run
LC> Redhat 7.2.

It happens each time when you restart the MySQL server? or just once?
Did someone executed command like CHANGE MASTER TO .. ?

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