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From:Victoria Reznichenko Date:November 26 2002 3:45pm
Subject:re: Grant - questions
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Tuesday, November 26, 2002, 4:46:32 PM, you wrote:

DH> I created a database.  I am having problems connecting
DH> to the database remotely.  Getting "Access Denied".

DH> If I log into the machine that the database is on and
DH> mysql -u darryl -ppassword

DH> I get in.

DH> If I try to connect from another machine, "Access denied for
DH> darryl@stripped".

DH> How do I setup the username/permissions correctly for remote access ?

You must give permissions to the 'user_name'@'remote_host_name' or use
a wildcard. Here is you can find some examples:

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