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From:Petre Agenbag Date:November 26 2002 1:44pm
Subject:Linux conf files in mysql tables
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Hi List
Not sure if this is the right list to post to, might need a cross
posting on a general Linux list as well, anyway;

I would like to explore the possibilities of having (or "converting")
all Linux services use mysql tables for their configuration files
instead of the usual flat-file .conf files.

At this point the benefits are much clearer than the negatives, such as
being able to modify services much easier via apps written in PHP or
PERL, making it much easier to write webmin like apps, or even maybe the
greatest advantage of all, being able to modify your entire system from
one central database, much like mysql's own mysql table.

One of the downsides to this will most probably be the fact that Linux
will then be "dependant" on mysql, so to prevent that situation, it
would probably be best to have an either or situation.

Anyway, I don't want to blabber my own opinions here, I'm more
interested in what others think, and more so in who would need to be
involved to achieve this, ie, will the coders of the individual services
need to modify their apps?



Linux conf files in mysql tablesPetre Agenbag26 Nov