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From:Christian Mack Date:September 8 1999 3:52pm
Subject:Re: Need helpful info
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Shaoping Xie wrote:
> Hi, Everybody:
>     I am new in the field of MySQL. I have a lot of questions. Here are
> some of them:
>     1. How can I get into the editing mode when I am in MySQL (>mysql)?
> The problem I have is that I can not correct my typing mistakes in the
> upper lines.
>     2. Is there any way I can save the MySQL scripts for the later use?
> How do I save and open the files?
>     3. How can I control the destination of the datafile instead of
> using the default settings?
>     By the way, I am using window NT4 right now but will move to SunOS
> very soon. Any helpful hints and answers will be greatly appreciated.
>     Shaoping
>     sp_xie@stripped
> ===
> Shaoping Xie, Ph.D.

Hi Shaoping

1. This depends on your OS. 
Under NT I had the curious situation, that it works on some machines and doesn't on others
On Linux and Solaris I had never problems with this.

2. Yes there is :)
Just use any text editor you prefer (e.g. vi,emacs,nedit,write).
Write the SQL commands in an ASCII file (e.g. big_select.sql)
Send the ASCII file to mysql commandline (e.g. mysql -u root -p -h test
< big_select.sql )

3. I am not sure what you ask here.
If you want to use mysqld with an different directory for the databases, just use the
--datadir=/where/you/want/to/have/them option on mysqld startup, or give this option in
your global my.cnf configuration file.


PS: Sorry for the late answer, I was really busy.

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