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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 25 2002 8:59pm
Subject:Re: Does FULLTEXT work in mysql-3.23.49?
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At 13:57 -0500 11/25/02, John R Levine wrote:
>I'm trying to make what I think is a very simple fulltext index for a
>small library catalog, viz:
>create table library (
>         callnumber VARCHAR(8) NOT NULL,
>         lastname TINYTEXT,
>         firstname TINYTEXT,
>         middlename TINYTEXT,
>         title TINYTEXT NOT NULL,
>         subtitle TINYTEXT,
>         comments TINYTEXT,
>         publisher TINYTEXT,
>         year VARCHAR(6) NOT NULL,
>         media VARCHAR(20),
>         FULLTEXT(lastname,firstname,title,subtitle,comments,publisher)
>I load a few hundred records in and then try to search.
>mysql> select * from library where match(title,subtitle) against ('history');
>ERROR 1191: Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list

Your index contains a different set of columns than the columns listed
in the match() list.  You'll need to create another FULLTEXT index
containing just title and subtitle.

>What am I doing wrong?  Does it dislike tinytext?
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Does FULLTEXT work in mysql-3.23.49?John R Levine25 Nov
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