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From:gil Date:March 31 1999 11:20pm
Subject:remote connection via MySQL
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I have used DBI/DBD/MySQL for sometime now, but have never connected to
a remote server running MySQL. In my first attempt to do so, I tried

use strict;
use DBI;
my $datasource  = '';
my $user = 'aaa'; ## not the real one
my $password = 'aaa'; ## not the real one
$dbh = DBI->connect($datasource,$user,$sqlpassword) or die 'Connect';

I am dying on connect, but don't know why. I think I need a unix port
number, but don't know how to go about assigning a port number to the
MySQL daemon.

I'm running RedHat Linux 2.0.35/DBI 0.80?/DBD 2.0091

Any help would be appreciated.

in His grip,
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remote connection via MySQLgil1 Apr