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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 8 1999 1:05pm
Subject:Isamchk -R 5 error
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>>>>> "David" == David Stack <dstack@stripped> writes:

David> This is another strange one.  I check for errors, fix errors and then check
David> for errors again in detail (none). Then I try to order using 'R 5' and then
David> I get an error because of errors.

David> Anyone know what is going on here?

David> Dave

David> root /www/mysql/dstack>/usr/bin/isamchk sort_key_blocks=32 -r
David> /www/mysql/dstack/items.ISM
David> - recovering ISAM-table '/www/mysql/dstack/items.ISM'
David> Data records: 333227
David> - Fixing index 1
David> - Fixing index 2
David> - Fixing index 3
David> - Fixing index 4
David> - Fixing index 5
David> - Fixing index 6
David> Data records: 333522

David> root /www/mysql/dstack>/usr/bin/isamchk sort_key_blocks=32 -evs
David> /www/mysql/dstack/items.ISM
David> index  1:
David> index  2:
David> index  3:
David> index  4:
David> index  5:
David> index  6:
David> No recordlinks

David> root /www/mysql/dstack>/usr/bin/isamchk sort_key_blocks=32 -R 5
David> /www/mysql/dstack/items.ISM
David> - Sorting records in ISAM-table '/www/mysql/dstack/items.ISM'
David> Data records:  333522   Deleted:       0
David> /usr/bin/isamchk: error: 126 when updating key-pointers
David> /usr/bin/isamchk: Error writing file 'UNOPENED' (Errcode: 9)
David> ISAM-table '/www/mysql/dstack/items.ISM' is not fixed because of errors


There seams to be some problem with 'isamchk -R5'  Any change you can
make a smaller test case of this so that I can repeat this problem ?


PS: Note that you don't usually have to change the value of
    'sort_key_blocks'.  To get more speed you should just set the
    'sort_buffer_size' much bigger.
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