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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 18 2002 11:52pm
Subject:Re: Newbie Replication Issues
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At 15:45 -0500 11/18/02, Rick Root wrote:
>I have a few questions about Replication.  I've already read the 
>basic replication page here:
>I am running MySQL-MAX 3.23.53 for Linux on my master server, and 
>the same version on Windows 2000 for the slave.
>#1 - Can I replicate from Linux to Windows 2k?
>I followed the instructions and put the appropriate things into the 
>my.ini located in C:\MYSQL
>But... I can't tell if it actually read the my.ini

Probably not, because C:\mysql\my.ini is not one of the standard option
file locations.  Where are the instructions that tell you to create a file with
that pathname?

>The instructions also refer to an error log.  I see 
>C:\MYSQL\data\mysql.err - is this the file they are referring to?

On Windows, yes.

>If so, the file makes no mention of replication.
>  - RIck

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