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From:list Date:March 31 1999 9:09pm
Subject:How does it work
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I have quite some experience with Mysql,perl and DBI, but would like to know
a bit more. Could somebody explain these tow questions?
Please? :)


As I undestand it, the database handle as obtained by DBI->connect might go
stale and disappear when it actually still is in use.
Is there any way to keep it up, or do I have to do a ping to the $dbh for
every $sth I use?


I assume the database handle is not unique but shared amongst all the
programs using the same database, and the statement handles are unique and
recreated even if the query and database are exactly the same. Is this true?

And, if I'm correct, does this mean it is wise to create new statements for
queries done in parallel but I can keep ony database handle.
Is this valid for forked process also, or do I get a copy of the statement
handle and thus am not required to create a new statement, it would even be
unwise because it uses more memory?

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