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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 7 1999 9:23pm
Subject:Recover from Log File
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>>>>> "Van" == Van  <vanboers@stripped> writes:

Van> Does anyone have a utility that can rebuild data in a table from the log
Van> file?  I blew it and un-parenthesized a delete on an or query last
Van> night, and, now, have to go back and rebuild a month worth of data.  The
Van> difficulty is that the particular inserts span two lines in the log
Van> file, so pulling everything out without corrupting the sequence of the 2
Van> lines that go together for the insert is a real pain.  Any help would be
Van> appreciated.
Van> Regards,
Van> Van


The included program works on the mysql update log; You should be
able to fix this quite easily to work on the standard log files too!


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