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From:The Mage Merlin Date:November 13 2002 9:20am
Subject:Re: Decrypt MYSQL Password
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Hi Ben,

	From the MySQL man online @ :

PASSWORD() encryption is non-reversible. 

	To create a forgot your password page, the best method is to generate a net 
password and send that new password. To make it easier to your users to 
remember their passwords, the best way is to set that password as a temporary 
one, that only allows them to set the original password. (maybe using a 
diferent field, so they can keep the original password if someone else goes 
to your site and request the password, just because he was bored.


On Wednesday 13 November 2002 07:27 am, Ben C. wrote:
> I am using the MySQL password() function for the my passwords on the user
> names.  How do I decrypt the password in PHP to send it in an e-mail.  I am
> making a forgot your password page and want to have the user enter their
> e-mail and have the password sent to them.
> Please help!
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Merlin, the Mage
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