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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 13 2002 12:20am
Subject:RE: Installation Help
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At 11:45 -0600 11/12/02, Black, Kelly W [PCS] wrote:
>Make sure you issued the correct GRANT statements
>at the sql, query.
>mysql>use mysql;
>Database Changed
>mysql> GRANT * ON *.* TO 'userid@stripped' IDENTIFIED BY 'somepassword';

That's not quite right.

- GRANT * is not legal, I suspect you mean GRANT ALL.

- 'userid@stripped' is quoted incorrectly.  That is equivalent to
   'userid@stripped'@'%'.  I suspect you mean 'userid'@''.
   (user and host parts should be quoted separately.)

>#note that will give FULL access...see the docs to restrict this.
>0 Rows Affected.
>~Kelly W. Black

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