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From:Kelly W [PCS] Black Date:November 12 2002 5:39pm
Subject:RE: How stable is MySQL 4.x vs 3.23.x?
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I have been using the MySql 4.x MAX with absolutely
NO problems. It's being used on heavily operated servers, 
and I upgraded to 4.x for it's incredible index speeds and
it's VERY reliable to me.

In fact, in our local benchmarks it's kicking the living crap out
of Oracle on sql, query. :)

~Kelly W. Black

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Subject: How stable is MySQL 4.x vs 3.23.x?


How stable is the new MySQL 4.x?

I've read some really nice and powerful stuffs with MySQL 4.
x and surely like to use them.

Is this still in the 'use at your own risk' stage?
or is it stable enough for use already?


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