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From:Peter Grigor Date:November 11 2002 8:09pm
Subject:RE: Problems with simple(?) query
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In your query ID2 cannot be both 1 and 2 (typomundo)


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Subject: Problems with simple(?) query


I'm trying to write what I am sure should be a simple query, but just can't
get it to 

If I create a table called foo like this:
create table foo ( id1 int(11) , id2(int 11) );

populate it with data and then try:

SELECT * FROM foo WHERE id2=1 AND id2=2 (for example),

I just get an empty set returned. An explain on the query gives an
'Impossible WHERE'

Both id1 and id2 can have duplicate values in them, though the same
combination of id1 and id2 cannot appear in the data (ie: id1=1, id2=1 ;
id1=1, id2=2 is possible,
id1=1, id2=1 ; id1=1, id2=1 is not possible), and it is possible that the
values I 
search for will not be in the table at all.

All I really want is to get the value for id1 where there are corresponding
records which match all of my search parameters for id2.

Anyone got any ideas how to manage this? It's beginning to drive me mad!



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