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From:Mike Blazer Date:November 11 2002 4:15pm
Subject:Re: replicate-do-table and related
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Dicky Wahyu Purnomo wrote>

> on master you need to define which databases will be created in binlog file.
> (--binlog-do-db=<dbname>)

Thanks for you reply, but this does not help. Again - I see in slaves
relay-bin.001 that slave had replicated the query, but the table was not

> to check this configuration ...
> watch the size of binlog file, every time you do "insert" queries ... should be 
> increasing, if not so the problem is in master configuration.

Yes, it is increasing. And I see that relay-bin grows by 28 binary bytes
+ dbname + ASCII(00) + nonmodified query itself

> and slave will read that file, and depends on your slave configuration which tables 
> you'll only want to replicate the query.
> (--replicate-do-table=<dbname>.<tablename>)
> check also your file
> to check this configuration ...
> watch the hostname.err file at slave, and compare the 
> "show slave status" run from slave server with "show master status" run from master 
> server

Yes, slave status shows exactly the same position as master status.
It's something in the slave routine...

I checked not only but also and

none of these update the slave's tables.

Mike Blazer
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