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From:Dan Rossi Date:November 10 2002 9:06pm
Subject:RE: PHP bias (Way OT)
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ever heard of chilliasp ? its been cross platform portable , its hooked in
via java

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Subject: Re: PHP bias (Way OT)


ASP only runs on Windows.  Windows2000 and beyond mandate the Supplemental
(as of SP3 on Win2K) that grants M$ blanket authority to modify your machine
any way M$ sees fit.

For this reason (because you no longer have full control over your machine)
can't do the following:
C3 Security Certification;
HIPAA Compliance;

If your OS can't be certified, clearly your applications can't either.
Designing using Windows or anything that touches it is flawed.

Don't flame me; I already admitted it's OT.  But, since the DOJ and the
administration refuse to enforce the law on M$, someone must.  Hopefully,
guys across the drink can assist us coders in the U.S. to rid the planet of
useless software company before there's no longer any reason to code...


Linux rocks!!!
Alan McDonald wrote:
> I agree mostly,... but why is ASP worthless?
> Alan

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