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From:Phil Straw Date:November 10 2002 9:03pm
Subject:Re: PHP bias
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My experience of MySQL is very recent. I only started using it a few weeks
ago. I got great support from the list (Thanks !) when I had an initial
problem specific to MySQL VARCHAR....and it's not just Perl and PHP that
work. After I had my database created in the command line I downloaded the
JDBC drivers and had Java working with the database in about 20
just worked.

Now I'm off to rip out a commercial database (O***le) and replace it with

I also just got a copy of MySQLManager (EMS). That makes things very easy.

FYI, I am independent, I am not affiliated at all with any company but my

On 11/9/02 11:31 PM, "Georg Richter" <georg@stripped> wrote:

> On Sunday 10 November 2002 14:12, Robert Macwange wrote:
>> PHP is an inferior language. Deal with perl instead.
> Looks like you're not very familar with the spirit of Open Source:
> Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby etc. are very excellent languages. They all have
> benefits and of course some disadvantages. But this competition helps each
> one to improve and become more popular.
> The same with MySQL, Postgres, SleepyCat, ... etc.
> There is no better or inferior: Just define your needs and choose whats the
> best for you.
> Regards
> Georg
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