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From:Dan Rossi Date:November 10 2002 9:01pm
Subject:RE: PHP bias (Way OT)
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asp can do allot of client side possibly security risky stuff where php cant

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From: Alan McDonald [mailto:alan@stripped]
Sent: Monday, November 11, 2002 7:49 AM
To: vanboers@stripped; Paul DuBois
Subject: RE: PHP bias (Way OT)

I agree mostly,... but why is ASP worthless?

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> Sent: Monday, 11 November 2002 6:21
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> Subject: Re: PHP bias (Way OT)
> Paul:
> Not sure why my post didn't cc to the list, originally.  I think
> I picked up on
> your tone, but the one thing I had intended to add was the
> dynamic that the more
> I do this stuff, the more I find myself just having to "get over"
> some of the
> more ugly and cludged implementations due to limitations in what our
> end-users/clients are willing to let us do.  In other words:  who cares.
> They'll never really look at it that closely and if another
> developer comes in
> several years later to make any changes/enhancements, they'll
> probably just do a
> rewrite.
> Once upon a time, I thought you could code elegantly, and C/C++
> is about the
> only realm in which I see this to still be possible.  PHP/ASP and
> _especially!!!_ ColdFusion are impossible to write elegant and
> easy to document
> code, but I think PHP is the best of these evils since it has such a huge
> function set.  ASP is worthless for other reasons, and CF is just
> disgusting to
> look at.
> I _realize_ Perl is fast, and powerful.  I really _do_ realize
> that.  But, it's
> ugly.  It looks like Snoopy swearing characters, and you can talk
> (write) about
> how it's elegant until you're blue in the face, but show it to a
> CIO/CFO and
> they'll tell you it's ugly, and they're quite correct.
> But, people program in it extensively, and do great things with
> it; it's just
> ugly.  And, so are most implementations.  In a perfect world,
> everyone would use
> C/C++, but they don't and I don't care.  I'll use it if I choose
> to.  I'll use
> Perl to do quick and dirty things.  And, I'll code ColdFusion if
> someone is
> offering me money to do so.  At the end of the day, no
> programming/technology is
> pretty; where are those beer nuts.
> And, BTW, clearly there's no one better equipped to point out
> your original
> thoughts on what _can_ be done in Perl.
> --mysql, table, drop, explain, database--
> Best Regards,
> Van
> --
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> Linux rocks!!!
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> Paul DuBois wrote:
> > (some stuff I snipped)
> >
> >
> > >You can do all these things from perl.  Or PHP, or CF, or ASP.
>  Just pass your
> > >variables to an external web-server running it's own
> proprietary web database
> > >and you'll get what you need.
> > >
> > >Sorry; am I speaking out of step, here?  We all do this...  I
> run MySQL on my
> > >own servers, but my clients are still pretty thick-headed...  they
> > >use M$Access
> > >and ColdFusion.  And, I can still drop and add columns through a
> > >web-interface.
> > >It's very ugly, but it still works.  Is there anyone here
> making a living that
> > >doesn't have to work through such interface-specific things?
> > >
> > >Didn't think so; but, in a perfect world, we'd all be doing
> things ANSI SQL
> > >92...  Whatever...  pass the beer nuts.  >:)
> > >
> > >Van
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