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From:Octavian Rasnita Date:November 10 2002 5:16pm
Subject:Re: one word fulltext matching problem...
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If 'webster' can be found in more than a half of the records from the
database, it is considered a stop word and it is ignored.

The solution is to force searching for that word by placing a '+' sign
before it like '+webster'

I guess this should be the problem, but if it is not the case, ... sorry.
I've started learning MySQL only for 3 days.

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Subject: one word fulltext matching problem...

I have a query like this:

SELECT * FROM bc_posts WHERE MATCH (post_city, post_location, post_details,
post_message) AGAINST ('webster');

I get the results as follows:

webster hall
webster hall club

How come the exact match (i.e. "webster") does not get a higher relevance?
I remember seeing some kind of workaround for this problem, but I can not
for the life of me find it anymore!!



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